About Leanne Herrera

Experience Tea At Its Best.

Zama Tea was conceived in 2010 after traveling to several countries vacationing and discovering so many amazing teas.  I immediately developed a passion for tea and could not get enough.  After drinking tea and enjoying the benefits of not drinking all those sugary sodas, I knew that my passion would evolve into a business. After being diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease, I looked to teas, herbs and Kombucha to help keep me off of the drugs Western medicine was wanting me to live on. Not accepting this as the way I was needing to live, I have passionately used all of the ingredients I have to keep myself off of the nasty medicine. Your body can heal itself if given the chance. That is is my new journey.

My Mission:   Making Life Healthier One Cup of Teas at a Time.   You would be amazed at how easy it is to feel better by just switching sugary sodas to high quality Artisan Teas.   While Zama Tea makes no claims to the medicinal benefits of teas and herbs, we provide a very large selection of affordable and all organic (whenever available) products for you to try.  Do the study yourself.   See how much better you feel after dumping the sugar.  Your body will love you even more.

Family owned and operated, Zama Tea is growing again.  Recognize the logo?  Yes, it’s the same high quality teas that have been available at Farmers Markets and Wellness Fairs for the past three years throughout Orange County.

Observing the demands of a healthier beverage, Zama Tea opened one of the first Kombucha On Tap locations in the OC at the Packing House’s lower level.  That location has moved to Old Town Tustin, Ca.  Kombucha [Kawm-Boo-Cha ] a non-alcoholic probiotic tea is gaining popularity among foodies who favor organic beverages with a very low sugar content and lots of health benefits.

Zama Tea opened our Flagship store in the heart of Orange County, Ca. We are in an historic building with tons of Character in Old Town Tustin.   It is the site of the First doctor’s office.  Many lovingly know it as the Jabberwocky, the “go to spot” for teens clothing.   Our newest location includes a 12 foot Kombucha bar featuring some uniquely delicious home brews. We have over 70 flavors that get rotated almost daily.  And a wall to write your favs on.  We also carry and serve specialty Matcha Concoctions along with your choice of over 100 hot or iced teas.  We have tea on tap and Cold brewed Nitro Coffee.

Food including sandwiches, salads and hummus and a lively probiotic vegan yogurt. We have Vegan options including hummus Sandwhich and a vegan soup. Baked goodies provided by Three Pug Bakery a local artisan start up business that hand crafts all of our goodies have also made their way onto our menu and are enjoyed daily in our outdoor patio which by the way is dog friendly.

Zama Tea is also located at the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana in the Specialty Market called Alta Baja.
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Be sure to check out the website at www.zamatea.com as we ship anywhere in the continental United States.


434 El Camino Real, Tustin Ca 92780 / 714-884-3449
201 East 4th Street, Santa Ana, Ca inside Alta Baja Market / 714-884-3449  (Satellite location)